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Turn every project into a community collaboration.

PELE Network takes the power of storytelling back into our hands.

Unified by the $PELE token, our DAO-in-progress is governed by the people contributing to it. Anyone can submit their ideas for content or functionality that will enhance the network's value.

Tools to organize stories, create NFTs, gather resources, and get it done.

Anyone can generate value on PELE Network by working with others. Rewards are distributed weekly to all contributors. Use the PELE Portal to move forward with a project regardless of your budget, experience, or genre.

Enter the PELE Portal

Our free interactive primer on storytelling teaches you how to explore your idea and tell your project's story. Save your progress to use later and collaborate with others.

Guide Me

The PELE Portal offers different modes for organizing and uploading your footage so you can collaborate with other creatives in the network.

Let's Go

With PELE, content creation is a networking activity. Attract creative partners, sponsors, or talent. Build a reputation portfolio for your work.


PELE Network's system of badges and PFTs unite audience and creator into communities. Offer new and creative, long-term incentives with your NFTs.

Hype It Up

Strengthening reputation with reputation badges.

Badges are non-transferrable wallet tokens that represent experience with different creators and communities.

Through interwoven webs of trust made possible with blockchain technology, communities can use badges to partner and cross-pollinate audience members.

PELE Network has been accepted for a ZilHive grant to develop our badge architecture.

Build communities using tokenization.

A PFT is a Project Fun Token represented by either badges, NFTs, or standard tokens. As a creator, you can offer PFTs of your project to incentivize gig workers, patrons or collaborators that want to be a part of the process.

Or you can use them as raffle tickets, rewards vehicles for liquidity provision, NFT giveaways, or placeholders for receiving a badge after a successful production.

Enter the PLVRS! pilot episode will be the network's first official PFT set. Stay tuned!

Creativity-powered, NFT-friendly, and metaversal.

There are no limits in the open-source PLVRS of ideas. Connect with other artists to use PLVRS art to expand into new territory and generate new value streams.

Powered by the Zilliqa blockchain, PELE Network smart contracts act as registries to validate the authenticity of digital assets for audiences, including reputation.

See our first collection of character NFTs or buy a PELECAN on the PLVRS NFT Wallet.

P Tokenomics

PELE Network's tools are powered by Zilliqa. The $PELE token is a ZRC-3 smart contract.

 on Zilswap
White Paper


$PELE is required to participate in PELE Network. There is a hard cap of 420,000,069 $PELE in existence, forever, distributed as follows:

25% bootrapping participation in the beta phase.

50% for partners & key contributors upon the decentralized network's official launch (see PELE-PFTs in white paper).

25% reserved for future DAO-controlled treasury.

See our white paper to learn about how we plan to bootstrap and de-centrally manage PELE Network.

One Sheet

The $PELE L.P. currently offers ~130% APY to participating liquidity providers. Join it on Zilswap.


PELE Network NFTs

The PLVRS is a multidimensional space for creative collaboration using digital assets that support artists and creators.

Genesis-Era Story Set

The Genesis-Era Story Set NFTs are rare collectibles. Their first owners will be eligible for PELE Network Early Adopter badges and the incentives they offer in the PELE Network ecosystem.

Meet the Pelecans!

The Pelecans are a flock of 42 unique pieces of art reflecting aspects of pop culture, created by Nataly in Belarus.

Basic FAQ

Why is a PELE token even necessary?

PELE is a developing Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This means that the company is a network of individuals that governs itself without central leadership. The PELE token binds together the community by offering holders the ability to vote in how the network chooses to operate and move forward.

Who runs PELE?

PELE is being bootstrapped by PELE Network, Ltd. and a contributing community of believers. As a legal entity registered in the state of Wyoming, the LLC will eventually be converted into a legalized Decentralized Autonomous Organization, owned fully by PELE token holders.

More about us is on the About page.

Are you trying to replace Big Tube?

Yes and no. We believe Big Tube should indeed be decentralized throughout the world, and for that reason we recommend creators host their own independent content platforms so they can retain control of their content and audience relationships.

PELE does not host viewable content for creators; it acts as a tool that allows creators to build community with their audiences and get content made on even a shoestring budget.

I'm a creative but not really a creator. Can I find work on PELE?

Yes! With the PELE Portal, services can be offered or received for any part of a content creation and video storytelling process. You will also be able to use badges and PFTs to build reputation amongst other creatives and creators.

You can also find work with PELE, as we aim to be a decentralized endeavor and our team is always open for your input.

What can I do with PELE tokens?

PELE is only just getting started, so all our functionality is in its early stages. When the PELE Portal Beta goes live, you'll be able to redeem your PELE tokens for content creation services.

As we continue to raise money for development, new functionality will be unlocked:

  • As a client, find and pay talent for help in any stage of production
  • As a creative, strengthen your offer of talent commitment with a bid
  • Slice new PFTs
  • Buy and sell PFTs
  • Stake into specific topics or projects to become a patron that receives PFTs
  • Buy and sell NFTs minted exclusively through the network of PELE creators

How do I buy PELE Tokens?

On ZilSwap!

Can you elaborate on what PFTs are?

PFTs are minted in pools of 100 and so have an element of scarcity by default. Fans, sponsors, and collaborators are encouraged by the content creator to buy or trade for a share of the project's PFTs. A creator can fill an escrow to prove their skin in the game and provide some collateral for PFT holders.

PFTs can be used for many things. While a project is live, PFTs can be used as raffle tickets, as access to special opportunities or exclusive content, or bought and sold with $PELE. Smart creators will collaborate with PFT holders to increase the value of the PFT.

PFTs are burned upon redemption, lowering the total supply of the live project's PFT and increasing the scarcity of those that remain. When the project has been completed, those still holding the project's PFT can cash out to receive their proportional share of the escrow OR they can work with the creator to convert their PFTs into a new badge for their portfolio, signalling to the network that they had participated in that project.

Click here for a visual of the PFT Life Cycle.

I've never used a cryptocurrency wallet, will this be difficult?

No. Whether you know nothing about cryptocurrency or you are Satoshi Nakamoto himself, we have tried to make it easy and comfortable for you to get you some PELE. It might even teach you a thing or two!

How are PELE tokens being distributed?

We've set a 25% cap of $PELE's total supply to be publicly available starting in Q3 2021, for sale to early adopters of the community in order to bootstrap participation.

Another 50% (including founder tokens) will be locked in an escrow to be released when the decentralized network and DAO is launched. This 50% of tokens will be represented by PELE-PFTs. Each PELE-PFT will be redeemable for 0.5% of the total PELE token supply upon the launch of the PELE DAO, and will also be available for exchange pre-launch.

25% of the total $PELE supply will be reserved for the PELE DAO and decentralized treasury to later move the community forward.

Please read the PELE White Paper for more detailed information, and contact us if you would like to be part of PELE.

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Content creation just got worth it.

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